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Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude. GOOD AFTERNON


Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

-Albert Einstein


Our mission is to
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Our learning philosophy is encapsulated in our vision ‘Together We Explore, Engage & Evolve’. Our conviction is strongly grounded in our belief that every individual is unique and is capable of learning through the acquisition of knowledge and skills in a culture of learning that nurtures and facilitates the pursuit of excellence in every learner. We provide our students with diverse learning opportunities that transcends academics to include exposure to literary activities, sports and games, arts and aesthetics. Student learning experiences are curated keeping in mind the interests and the appropriateness for our learners.

Founder & Principal Message

At St. Xavier’s High School….. A Futuristic School, we diligently follow the four pillars of education, endeavoring to groom our students into becoming wholesale personalities. Our teachers are trained in such a way that they in turn can guide and nurture the students to understand the world around them, develop an openness to the knowledge of one’s own and the others as that is what keeps him away from ignorance.
“SCHOOL : the abode of learning” influences the all-round development of pupils. Education synonyms being breeding, civilization, coaching, cultivation, culture, development, discipline, training, tutoring and so on. Threading all these together, we strive to incorporate the four pillars.

Chairman's Message

I extend my heartiest felicitations the school community. Their whole hearted efforts have brought our school community. Their whole hearted efforts have brought our school orward in leaps and bounds. I believe that ST.XAVIER’S HIGH SCHOOL provides not only a strong foundational education for its students but also excels them forward into the future. In the school we strive to deliver an educational program where achievement in academic subjects is positively balanced with social emotional growth.


St.Xavier’s High school will emphasize on quality education in a facilitative, challenging on positive environment, encouraging, sharing and caring so as to make dynamic, inquisitive and rationale individuals, who display high self-esteem and a sense of morality. A clear and concise statement that outlines the purpose and goals of the school. This statement should highlight the school's values, beliefs, and objectives.


We believe in the innate potentialities of every child and provide excellent opportunities and quality education to mould him/her to be a leader and winner of the world of tomorrow through the harmonious fusion of the ancient gurukulam and modern educational concepts. We will Continuously improve our performance by involving the students, the staff and the parents. An aspirational statement that describes the school's desired future state. This statement should be inspiring, and it should motivate students, teachers, and parents to work towards achieving the school's vision.


Building the Future, One Mind at a Time

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Science in Action

Highlighting the potential of hands-on learning to bring science to life and to promote a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.

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Creativity in Community

Demonstrating the potential for collaboration to inspire creativity, promote innovation and build personality for future.

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Future-Ready Education

Highlighting the potential for technology to support interactive, engaging, and dynamic learning experiences.

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A Partnership for Success

Demonstrating how teachers can inspire and shape the future by cultivating a love for learning and encouraging students.

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